Manticore released!

Released! Finally!

After a long time working on the prototypes and preparing all the promotional material we are proud to announce the release of the Manticore Guitar!

It has become a brutal beast of an axe, that is still versatile enough to not just play Brutal Death Metal but also Technical Death Metal, Old School Metal and even Melodic Death Metal!

No, really. It actually is versatile enough to play other styles than Metal, too.
If you want that with an axe looking that beautifully brutal is, of course, a different question.

The Features:
It was important for us to get good access to the upper frets and a perfectly balanced instrument. Unlike many other spiky guitars the Manticore is not neck heavy but well balanced.

The woods, electronics and hardware are completely up to your choice, otherwise our standards are Schaller hardware and Bareknuckle Pickups.

It's available in 6-String, 7-String, 8-String and Even-More-String if desired.

So order your Manticore, play some Metal and bang the head that... no wait... smash the head that doesn't bang in with a Manticore Guitar!

Horns up!